Your Money

All proceed profits from the sale of items goes to patient care in Exeter, mid and east Devon. 88p in every pound raised goes directly towards funding patient care.

The money we raise from house clearance helps Hospiscare to continue to provide high-quality care to thousands of patients with terminal illnesses every year.

Our charges go some way towards covering our labour and fuel costs, disposal costs for un saleable, un recyclable items to land fill and the cost of safely disposing of chemicals and paints if required. This means that the income from the sale of the items collected goes directly to help patients and their families.

The average house clearance raises over £1000 - enough money for two patients to receive a 24 hour stay at our in-patient unit in Exeter where nurses can help to control complex conditions.

No matter how big or small your property is, the money we make from your items can really make a difference.

£5 raised is enough money to pay for a nutritious meal for a patient.

£10 will provide a patient with comfort-giving dressings and medication to relieve their symptoms.

£15 raised could provide a patient with a revitalising haircut giving them a renewed sense of self.

£25 will help us to provide one patient with a professional massage, giving them a feeling of well-being and complete relaxation.

£40 raised will help patients to create lasting memories in art therapy.

£50 will provide support and care helping a patient make the most of precious time

£75 helps Hospiscare to share knowledge and expertise to change lives locally.

£200 raised will allow a patient to visit one of Hospiscare’s day hospices to share experiences and receive expert care and advice.

To find out more about Hospiscare, please visit the main Hospiscare website.